Umm idk what to say but i love Korean Dramas + Kpop, Literally everything british and soccer.

---------------------------------------------------------------- I've got a slight obesseion with:
• Fernando Torres | • Neymar
• Dylan O'Brien | • Alex Pettyfer | • Matt Smith



rewatching Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker because Alex Pettyfer is life

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Matthew weARINg a BUcket HaTs GivEs ME LiFeeeeeeeeee xD

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round of applause for Cameron

#OutfitGameStrong 👏😁💕👌

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Dating Gilinsky would involve


  • cuddling
  • jealousy
  • hot making out sessions
  • riding
  • sitting on his lap
  • hickeys
  • moaning
  • back scratches
  • dirty jokes
  • calling you baby girl
  • calling him daddy
  • ear nibbling
  • smoking
  • getting high
  • fighting
  • make up sex
  • cuddle attacks
  • neck kisses
  • late night phone convos
  • singing you songs
  • blushing
  • traveling
  • indirected tweets
  • surfing
  • fucking
  • and again fucking
  • him slapping you on the ass now and then
  • my death


Anonymous: What are you gonna major in and what is your ideal career? :) good luck at Syracuse!

I have no idea yet. I wanna major in either Engineering, Math, Sports Medicine, French, Korean or International Relations. My ideal career is anything where I feel like I’m making a difference in someone’s life :)

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Day 23 (August 11th)

Dear Matt,
Well I’m finally back from my six week program at Syracuse University. It was honestly one of the best experiences ever. I met so many amazing people and learned alot about life and friendships. I can’t wait to start college next fall. Syracuse is definitely becoming the dream school. Before I left I got a polaroid camera so I took so many great pictures. The hardest part was probably the last 2 days. Majority of people left on Friday. It was really hard to say goodbye to people that had become life family in a matter of 6 weeks. I’m eternally grateful for every single person I met. I can’t wait to see them sometime in the future.
Yesterday I said my goodbyes to my friends. They’re leaving for college in a couple of days. Senior year is definitely going to be a struggle for me but I’m excited.
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